Our Story

My name is Mari. 

I am a 36 year old psychological science student and received a diagnosis of ASD and ADHD at age 35.

I am also the mother of 3 beautiful boys - one of which has special needs, now some people shy away from the words "special needs" but I love them -Bailey is special and I feel infinitely special that I was chosen to be his mum.

Statistically his life is now and will continue to be more complicated, more painful and a little messier than the "un-special humans" so we decided to create this brand.  

Bbhub. was an idea that started with drawings from Bailey, his younger brothers Beau and Hudson and also me. The name came from their initials and the fact that Bailey was always referred to as Bub. 

We have poured our heart into this brand and 100% of the profits being invested into research for ASD / ADHD and the creation of support groups for both children and adults.